Frog Drink hosts The Nature Conservancy – Florida Chapter

Hey Fellow Floridians! Frog Drinks will host The Nature Conservancy in Florida on November 2nd from 6-9pm at First Magnitude Brewing Company! Bring your friends and spread the word!

This month at Frog Drinks, we will learn about all things FIRE and how it can actually be beneficial to wildlife conservation efforts. Nature Conservancy’s Zachary Prusak will explain how his team uses fire to manage Florida’s ecosystems. Here is some information about the presenter:

Zachary Prusak has worked for The Nature Conservancy since January 2005. In his roles, Zach supports the members of the Conservancy’s Florida Fire Team, which consist of the on-site fire leaders and crew at places such as the Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve, and also supports the operations at the Disney Wilderness Preserve and Tiger Creek Preserve. Zach also works with state, federal, local and private conservation groups in order to lead and promote fire training opportunities, facilitate on-the-ground partnerships, collaborate with the Florida Governor and Cabinet on fire statutory issues while also serving as the Florida Conservancy liaison on national fire issues.

*Special thanks to the host of our fantastic Frog Drinks location: First Magnitude Brewing Company! They graciously allow us to use the space at no cost.*
About Frog Drinks:

Frog Drinks is a community driven meetup event dedicated to professional networking for individuals who work for nonprofit organizations, academia, governmental agencies and eco-conscious companies involved in environmental stewardship and wildlife conservation. Frog Drinks is held on the first Thursday of every month at First Magnitude Brewing Company in Gainesville, FL.
Spread the word! Learn more, save wildlife and drink beer with us!
Each month an organization will be featured at Frog Drinks and an individual from that organization will briefly present what issues they are working on locally and internationally and how the community can support their cause. The overall goal of Frog Drinks is to connect working professionals who share a vision in order to collectively strengthen the environmental and wildlife conservation community in north Florida and surrounding areas. Frog Drinks is an event to inspire, educate and empower fellow wildlife conservationists and to have a good brew at the same time.
Where: First Magnitude Brewery
1220 SE Veitch St, Gainesville, FL 32601
When: First Thursday of EVERY Month from 6pm-9pm EST

See you at Frog Drinks!


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